Structured Settlements vs Ants? What are the Similarities?

Structured settlements vs ants – Why structured settlements are compared to ants

The legal binding in a structured settlement is so strong and united and helps the plaintiff a guaranteed amount for a definite period of time is like ants that are known for their unity and for their saving nature of food for future. Settlement amounts is like food for future and strong since they are assured payments.

settlements vs ants

Structured Settlements Vs Ants?

As ants have exoskeleton, the armor, structured settlements have several layers of protection- Lawyers or , insurance companies, state and federal laws, brokers and consultants to fix, decide and advise on structured settlements. Attorneys work to preserve fairness and best interest of affected parties. Insurance companies protect the investment and insure payments are made. State and federal laws protect all parties with aggressive qualifications for the creation and distribution of structured settlements.

Ant colonies have a distinct odor that is unique to the members of that group. Structured settlements are individually and distinctly arranged to meet the personal needs of the award recipient. The payments from a settlement annuity are structured to address financial needs over time.

People generally consider ants as pests and do whatever they can to get rid of them. It’s easy enough to put sugar outside your door and keep them outside where they belong. Annuitants also get tired of receiving payments spread out over time. There are federal and state approved programs that allow for the acceleration of the settlement payments. More about structured settlements vs ants